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How To Get The Best Price On a Hot Tub

Like any other major purchase, you don’t want to overpay for your hot tub. The aim is to get the best quality tub possible at the least expensive price.

Cheapest isn’t always the best deal

In many cases, you end up getting what you pay for, which means the cheaper the price the cheaper the quality. This is why it’s important to make sure you’re getting good quality for the price you’re paying. It’s a lot different than just buying the least expensive model available. Just like when buying a car, It’s a good idea to do a bit of research to find out which hot tub brands and models are rated the best and then try to negotiate the lowest price.

Do your research

You may want to do a bit of research on the seller by checking with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints about the dealer. You can also ask the seller for references from previous customers and make sure they offer service on the tub after you buy it. Online reviews can also help.  Of course, the best way to shop for a hot tub is to do it in person rather than online and take a test soak in several tubs to see how you like the feel of the water jets and seats. In addition, be sure find out what type of warranty comes with the hot tub. If you’re interested in a specific make and model you can easily shop around at several locations for the most competitive price.

While it may not be a common practice in Canada, it doesn’t hurt to negotiate on price once you have found the brand and model you want.  Some hot tub dealerships won’t budge, but others may. Also, those who don’t lower the price may be willing to throw in a few accessories for free or at a discount to compensate for it. There’s never any harm in asking. If you do find a good deal, make sure to get the selling offer in writing. This should include the payment schedule, installation date and warranty etc. In addition, make sure you know exactly what’s included in the purchase price, such as the cover, delivery, installation, and water care products.

Buy from a reputable hot tub dealer

Most hot tub owners prefer to deal with local companies as it’s easier to receive service from them and stay in communication. If you’re buying from a ‘big box’ store, be sure to find out if they offer any type of service or if you’re on your own once you’ve bought the hot tub. You may find the tub costs less, but it may not be worth it in the long run if they don’t offer after-sale service or the warranty is sub-par. If they do offer service, find out how long the average wait is for assistance.

A good hot tub dealer has qualified professionals on hand to help deal with any warranty or service issues and can offer better service than a box store that sells hot tubs, along with a million other products.

The time of year you go looking for a hot tub could also affect the price. For example, dealers are often looking to clear out their current inventory starting around September and may also offer sales on their floor models and demonstrators. Once the old stock has been sold they will then order the newest models. In some instances, a dealer may provide tubs with cosmetic damage at a lower price. The same deal may apply on pre-owned hot tubs and factory seconds. However, be sure to inspect the damage and understand what is covered under the warranty.

You may also find a better price for a tub when the manufacturer or retailer has a sale on specific models. It never hurts to ask a dealer if they know of any upcoming sales or clearance sales. It’s recommended that you buy a hot tub from a reputable dealer rather than an off-site seller such as a home and garden show or fair as you may have difficulty getting after-sale service. So be sure to shop around when you’re in the market for a hot tub and make sure you’re getting quality for your money rather than agreeing to the lowest-priced model available.

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