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Should I Convert My Hot Tub to Salt Water?

Going natural, organic and chemical-free is no longer a trend, but is a lifestyle that is being adopted by people everywhere. In the pool and hot tub world, these adaptions are leading to the growing popularity of salt water hot tubs. If you are remembering the last time you swam in the ocean and the saltiness of the water and wondering why you would want water like that in your hut tub, keep reading.


Before we dive into determining if you should convert your hot tub into salt water or not, let’s set one thing straight. While the salt water in both hot tubs and the ocean is made up of table salt, or sodium chloride, there is one big difference… the amount of salt in your hot tub would be only around a tenth of what you find in the ocean. You gain the benefits of salt water without many of the drawbacks, including that super salty taste.


Should you convert your current hot tub to salt water? Take a look at the positives about salt water spas:

  • Health Benefits – If you have ever been in a chemically chlorinated hot tub before you know how harsh the chemicals can be on your skin. With salt water used in your hot tub your skin will actually be softened from exposure to the water. Not only does the salt water help to soften your skin, but it can help to reduce swelling; the warm water works to open your pores and the salt works to pull out excess liquid. Say goodbye to dry brittle hair caused by exposure to chemically chlorinated water.


  • More Environmentally Friendly – While you will still find the need to shock your spa periodically, a salt water spa is much more environmentally friendly compared to using all chemicals in your hot tub. More and more people are wanting to stay away from chemicals and a salt water system in the answer. The sodium chloride is separated, resulting in sodium and chloride; you then have pure chlorine working to sanitize your spa. You no longer have to expose yourself to the additives in traditional store bought chlorine tablets. When the time comes to empty your hot tub, the amount of chemicals absorbing into the ground is reduced, which is a great benefit for the environment.


  • Easier Maintenance – The maintenance on a salt water spa is easier when compared with traditional hot tubs. While you will want to shock your hot tub at times, the regular maintenance to you spa is greatly reduced, and you no longer need to worry about purchasing and storing those Bromine or chlorine tablets. You will need to add about 2 lbs. of salt per 100 gallons of water. The system breaks the down the salt into chlorine as needed, which helps to keep the chlorine levels at the right level for your spa with little effort on your part. As the created chlorine is used, it converts back into salt.


Here are some things to keep in mind about a salt water hot tub:

  • Not Maintenance Free – While the salt system is easy to maintain it still requires some work on your part. It is suggested that you soak the electrodes (or plates) every 90 days in a mild acid to keep it free from debris and working properly. This is more work than some people are wanting to do.
  • Corrosion – Salt can cause corrosion. While the levels in salt water system spas are low, it can still cause corrosion over time. It is also recommended that you spray down your deck and any surrounding areas after using your spa if water was splashed out to dilute the levels of salt that could damage the areas. While most materials in a spa will not have a problem being exposed to salt water, there are some rubber seals that could break down. You are able to replace these seals with alternatives to reduce any potential problems.
  • More Expensive Upfront –  While a salt water system is less expensive to maintain it is typically more expensive to purchase up front. This is an important factor to consider when purchasing but do keep in mind that you will see lower maintenance cost once your salt water spa is up and running.


Every spa system includes pros and cons and the pros in a salt water system far outweigh the cons. If you are ready to experience the softer water, healthier skin and hair, and easier maintenance of a salt water hot tub contact the professionals at Hot Tubs Ontario today to get started.  Hot Tubs Ontario is the leader in quality, Canadian made hot tubs in Ontario.  We offer a beautiful like of hot tubs, swim spas and budget friendly hot tub options.

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