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Important Questions To Ask When Buying a Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub should be viewed as a major investment and lifestyle choice and it’s always good to do some research before jumping in quickly with both feet. There are numerous things potential hot-tub owners should know about these devices before making a commitment. The following questions should be asked to help you find the perfect model of hot tub to fulfill your specific needs.


What is the cost?
Most people have a general idea of how much they want to spend on a hot tub so you’ll need to find out if the model you’re interested in suits your financial budget. The price may vary from store to store and tub to tub due to the different features and options available. Be sure to ask about any additional costs such as a cover, base, taxes, delivery, and setup. There are several factors which affect the price including the make, model, and size of the spa. You may also want to know how much power the tub uses so you can calculate your monthly electricity bill. The type and number of filters will affect the operating costs.


What material is the tub made of?
Hot tubs are constructed of several different materials such ABS plastic or fibreglass-enhanced acrylic. In general, fibreglass/acrylic is regarded as being the best choice since the materials are stronger.


How powerful is the tub’s circulating system?
Most experts agree that the tub’s circulating pump should be approximately one horsepower in strength for every five to eight of the tub’s jets. You should also make sure that the jets and pumps can be easily accessed if they need to be repaired.


Is the tub under warranty?
It’shighly-recommended that you ask about the tub’s warranty and fully understand exactly what is and what isn’t covered by it. You may also want to know if the dealer provides any after-sale service and who handles any necessary repairs. You’ll need to know if the warranty covers labour, parts, and service calls etc. and when does it kick in and how long does it last for. You should be looking for a minimum 20-year warranty for tubs with acrylic linings since the lining isn’t replaceable. The heater, pumps, and other components should be covered for at least three years.


Can I test the tub first?
Just like a car, you should ask to take the hot tub for a ‘test drive.’ Ask the retailer if you can try out the tub before buying it. You should be able to sit in it and test it out first to make sure you’re happy and comfortable with it. You may want to be wary of any hot tub dealer which turns down this request.


How do I maintain the tub?
There is a minimum amount of maintenance work that hot tub owners will need to be aware of. Hot tubs don’t look after themselves, but they’re not that hard to take care of either. There are weekly, monthly, and yearly chores which need to be taken care of such as adding bromine for clean water, balancing the alkalinity and pH etc., flushing the water lines, and replacing the water. To make it easier to maintain, it’s a good idea to take quick shower before entering the tub since perfume, creams, and makeup can disturb the water balance and cause cloudiness.


Is the hot tub comfortable?
When it comes to comfort, it will largely depend on the seating layout and depth as well as things such as size, cushioned headrests, foot-well space, access to the controls, and how easy it is to get in and out of the tub. You should also look at the variety, adjustability, and placement of the unit’s hydrotherapy system to ensure that it addresses all of the major muscle groups on your body.


What accessories and options are available?
Everybody’s taste and preferences are unique so you will want to know if the accessories and options available with the tub suit your needs. These include things such as music system, the colour and lounge seating as well as the ease of the tub’s operation. Ask if the sale price includes items such as cover, steps, water treatment supplies and filter.


How safe is the hot tub?
The hot tub should be safety approved and all electrical requirements should be fully explained. It’s important that the retailer or a qualified electrician installs the tub.


Is the tub energy efficient?
To keep the heat in and the cold out, the tub should have effective insulation for both the plumbing and shell. This usually comes in the form of foam insulation around the shell and a custom-fit foam cover.

Do your research before you buy a hot tub and you’ll enjoy your hot tub for many years.  Need some help deciding?  Contact one of our hot tub experts today for a free consultation.

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