Caring for hot tub on vacation

How to Care For Your Hot Tub Before Going on Vacation

Vacation time is a favorite time for homeowners everywhere; a time to get away from the stress of daily life and enjoy a break from it all. However, if you are the proud owner of a home hot tub there are some things you are going to want to do to care for your hot tub before going on vacation.


Enlist a Friend

The easiest option when you are leaving home for a week or longer is to find a friend or neighbor that doesn’t mind stopping by your house to do the weekly maintenance to your hot tub. You will want to make sure that they come to your house before you leave so you can walk them through the process. Make sure you leave written directions for them in case they forget. Usually people are happy to do this if they are able to use the hot tub while you are gone.

If you can’t find anyone willing to help you out and enjoy your hot tub while you are away then read on for tips on caring for your hot tub when it is going to sit unused while you are on vacation.


Drain the Water

Water that is left untreated in your hot tub for a week or longer is breeding grounds for bacteria. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to drain the water before you leave. Once the water is drained you should use a hot tub cleaner to wipe out the inside to remove the buildup of chemicals, body oils, and the other stuff that accumulates in your hot tub. If you want to reuse your hot tub immediately upon return you can choose to refill the hot tub before you leave and treat with chemicals and balance the water.


For Those Who Don’t Want to Drain the Water

Let’s face it, draining the water in your hot tub can be a lot of work and sometimes you either don’t have time or just don’t feel like going through all the steps before vacation. Fear not, there are ways around it.


Shock the water – Before you leave on vacation shock the water in your spa. When you shock the water in your hot tub you bring the chlorine level up 10 times what the normal chlorine levels are. This helps to kill off all bacteria growing in the water.

*Bromine SystemsIf you have a Bromine system you are using tablets to balance the amount of sanitizer in your hot tub. Before leaving on vacation you will want to make sure that your bromine feeder is full of tablets. Make sure the opening is set to 1 to make sure you don’t over-brominate your water.


Lower the Temperature – It is recommended to turn the temperature down 5 degrees on your spa when it is not going to be in use. However, if you are going to be gone for a week or more it is recommended to turn the temperature down 10 degrees. This helps you save on electricity and the colder temperature slows the potential growth of bacteria in your spa.


Check the Filters

Regardless if you drain your spa or not this is one step that you don’t want to skip. The filters in your hot tub perform the big job of keeping your water clean. Before leaving on vacation take the time to clean your filter or replace it if you have been using the same filter for over a year. Leaving a dirty filter in your hot tub will rapidly spread bacteria.

Taking the steps to properly care for your spa before leaving on vacation will help you be able to return to a hot tub full of clean water. The better you care for it before you leave the less you will be required to do once you return home. If you have questions on how to maintain your hot tub contact the professionals at Hot Tubs Ontario for answers to all your home spa questions.


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