A Review of Coast Spa Hot Tubs

Regardless of your budget, a Coast Spa is the perfect hot tub for you. Each model is hand-crafted with care, utilizing premium materials. As well, each unit is available in a variety of acrylic shell colours and cabinet finishes. Hot tubs from Coast Spas are also available with the latest in hot tub features. For instance, Coast Spas’ Traditional Series is equipped with the innovative Hydro Cyclonic Filtration® System.

Hot tubs from Coast Spas are also available with the latest in hot tub features. For instance, Coast Spas’ Traditional Series is equipped with the innovative Hydro Cyclonic Filtration® System. Meanwhile the Curve Series is designed around the human body to fully wrap spa-goers in the spa’s warmth, while providing privacy and shelter. The Infinity Edge Series features the patented Vanishing Edge, zero water displacement, no filter grate design that screams luxury.

Coast Spas Traditional Hot Tubs

Coast Spa Helios- Traditional Series
Coast Spa Helios- Traditional Series

With its classic hot tub design, Coast Spas’ Traditional Series is anything but traditional. It offers advanced technology as standard, including Coast Spas’ innovative Hydro Cyclonic Filtration® System. It is comparative to a commercial, pressurized filtration system. The Hydro Cyclonic Filtration® System offers an array of benefits, including:

  • Offers quick, efficient filtration
  • Removes contaminants and debris without letting them come back into the hot tub when changing the filter or when the pump is off
  • The dirty filter does not sit in the hot tub water with bathers
  • It features a Water Diversion Blade®, which distributes water and contaminants evenly around for optimized efficiency
  • Offers the largest filter media to optimize water flow, eliminating any tension on the spa’s parts

Part of the Traditional Series are an array of versatile models, such as the Mirage. The Mirage is the largest portable spa, equipped for both entertaining and as a relaxing, therapeutic oasis. It offers seating for up to 10 people, and smart design features such as plush headrests, beverage holders, anti-slip textured floor, multi-level seating, and more. Other available models in Coast Spas’ Traditional Series include the Unity, Helios, Freedom, Zenith, Vantage and Omega.

Depending on the model, the Traditional Series from Coast Spas also offers upgrade packages, such as the Supreme Audio Package with handsfree Sony Bluetooth stereo with remote and microphone, four retractable speakers and Xtreme subwoofer. Opt for the Elite Value Package, and get perimeter LED lighting, O3 One Ozone Generator, and Crystal Clear Ozone Chamber. Also available are various lighting options, audio features, the latest in purification technology such as EcoClean UV Sterilizer System with O3 One Ozone, video options such as a 17″ LCD TV with DVD player and pivoting mounting arm, massage therapy features, energy efficiency options, as well as various exterior upgrades.

Coast Spas  Curve Series Hot Tubs

Coast Spas Zenith Curve Model
Coast Spas Zenith Curve Model

Featuring a 24-inch continuous waterfall, raised back to fight against elements and allow for more privacy, Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®, plush headrests, Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet and more, Coast Spas’ Curve Series is redefining hot tubs. The Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet is located near the floor of the hot tub, is triggered by daily filtering cycles, blowing any particles and contaminants to within the water as it enters the Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®.

With Coast Spas’ Built To Last® features, models such as the Radiance Curve Lounge, offer innovative and quality crafted features. These features include: bottom moisture protection, coast guard corners, freeze protection, steel reinforced acrylic shell, pressure treated wood frame, hand built cabinets, powerful and efficient pumps, gate valves, and oversized plumbing.

Like the Traditional Series, the Curve Series offers an array of packages and available features. It is also available in an array of models such as Zenith Curve, Vantage Curve, Radiance Curve, Radiance Curve Lounge, Mirage Curve and Journey Curve.

Coast Spas  Infinity Edge Series Hot Tubs

Coast Spas Horizon with Retractable Speakers
Coast Spas Horizon with Retractable Speakers

The Infinity Edge Series from Coast Spas is available with the patented vanishing edge, zero water displacement, no filter grate design. The vanishing edge design was patented, providing the perfect view. With Coast Spas featuring a zero water displacement component in their design, it works as an eco-friendly solution. It stops water waste from overflow, which results in less chemical usage and less energy to heat the water.

So how did Coast Spas come up with their no filter grate design? It’s all in the vanishing edge waterfall. The vanishing edge waterfall works to skim the hot tub’s water in hand with the incredible Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®. The Infinity Edge Series is also equipped with the largest skimmer in the world. It works to optimize debris removal by having the vanishing edge skim the water. Now consumers can say goodbye to the bobbing skimmer, and hello to a chic new way of skimming.

Models in the Infinity Edge Series includes the Phantom, Edge, Horizon, Cascade II and Wellness Infinity Swim Spa. Similar to both Coast Spas’ Traditional Series and Curve Series, each model is available with additional options and upgrade packages.

Coast Spas Hot Tubs for sale in Ontario, Canada

Finding the perfect hot tub requires a great deal of consideration. At International Pool & Spa Centers, we make it easy. Offering a wide selection of shapes, sizes and types, you will find the perfect hot tub to meet your needs. If you’re interested in a hot tub from Coast Spas, visit one of our retail locations in Ontario and speak with one of our hot tub specialists today.

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