Buying a Used Hot Tub

Should I Buy a Used Hot Tub?

Thinking about buying a used hot tub?  There are many hot tub enthusiasts who may be interested in buying a used model, but while they may get a great deal on one they also need to make sure it’s in good shape.

Dangers of buying a used hot tub

There are certain dangers involved when buying anything used in a private sale since the item may have been neglected and the owner could just be trying to unload it. There are also other options when looking for a used tub including buying from somebody you know such as a family member or friend as well as purchasing one from a hot tub dealer who sells reconditioned and inspected models.

You may also be interested in our hot tub trade-in program at where you can swap your old model in when buying a new one.

Before you buy

Consumers can buy just about anything from E-commerce sites such as eBay and Craigslist these days, but one of the main problems with doing this is you usually don’t have a chance to check out the item before buying it. If this is the case you never know the history of the product and if it has any problems. The last thing you want is a used hot tub with a sketchy history as repairs can come out to be more than you paid for the hot tub. The only way to be sure the tub is in good working condition

The only way to be sure the tub is in good working condition is so inspect it before making a commitment. You’ll find a lot of sellers are often attempting to make some money on their old tub as it’s appears to be the easiest way to get rid of it.

If the previous owner didn’t take care of the tub through regular maintenance then the lifespan of its components will be shortened. This is especially true if the hot tub is between eight and 10 years old. A tub that hasn’t been taken care of could have suffered freezing damage and the plumbing lines may not be in the best shape. You never know what the condition of all the working parts are such as the filters and wiring and then you also have to consider the cover, lifter, and sub-panel. If these parts aren’t in good condition they’ll all need to be fixed or replaced.

Shipping and Warranties

Since a hot tub is a rather large item you’re probably going to buy it privately from somebody local. This allows you the opportunity to inspect it for yourself before agreeing to take it off the seller’s hands. One thing you should look for is the model’s serial number. You also need to consider the delivery and installation of the tub as well. Most private sales don’t include these options so there’s a good chance you’ll need to fork out more money to have a professional install it for you. Just remember, most private deals are cash-only sales and once you get the tub home it’s now your responsibility. You won’t have the option of financing and it’s highly unlikely you’ll get any type of service or warranty with the unit.

On the other hand, there are some dealers out there who sell used hot tubs and include financing, servicing and warranty options as well as delivery and installation. In this case, most of the tubs have been reconditioned and fully inspected before they’re put up for sale. A lot of these tubs have been traded into the dealer on newer models. The dealer will then refurbish and re-sell them to buyers who are looking for a used spa. In general, these units have been thoroughly checked out and tested before they’re sold. The last thing a dealer wants is to tarnish their reputation and have the headache of repairing a hot tub they’ve sold each and every week.

As long as you receive some sort of warranty or guarantee on the tub, there’s usually nothing wrong with buying a used model from a certified dealer. Be sure to contact our team of professional representatives at to find out all you need to know about new and used hot tubs as well as our popular trade-in program.