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What is the Best Hot Tub for Canadian Winters?

If you live in Canada you don’t need to be told or reminded how harsh, long, and cold the winters can be. If you’re thinking about installing a hot tub in your back yard it only makes sense to invest in a model that has been specifically designed and built to withstand the worst of Canadian winters. There are numerous hot tub and spa manufacturers out there, but Coast Spas is really the only company which tests its hot tubs specifically for the tough Canadian weather conditions.

Built For Canadian Winters

Coast Spas can be found to suit any budget with all products being handcrafted with top-grade materials.  All models come in several shell colours and cabinet finishes and feature the most up-to-date hot tub features such as filtration systems. Some of the most popular and innovative Coast models include the Curve Series, the Infinity Edge Series, the Traditional Series and swim spas and they all offer the most advanced technology. You’ll find that Coast spas also offer a wide array of audio and visual features and lighting options as well as purification technology. Additional upgrade packages and options are also available.

These spas are ideal for Canadian winters since they come with features such as bottom moisture protection, freeze protection, coast guard corners, a steel reinforced acrylic shell, handmade cabinets, a pressure treated wood frame, an anti-slip textured floor and efficient, powerful pumps. Coast spas are available in different shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is their sturdiness and dependability.

Coast Spas are built Canadian-tough as the manufacturer has partnered up with the famous Owens Corning company to make sure the hot tubs are as strong and durable as can be. The shell of the tub is created from a premium acrylic sheet which is then heated before it’s vacuum-formed into shape. During this stage of the construction process the acrylic is both flexible and fragile. However, the acrylic shell is then reinforced with the addition of top quality Owens Corning® fiberglass. The shell is covered in several fiberglass layers by hand to provide it with extra strength.

Specialists then compress the layers of fiberglass together with rollers. After that, there’s additional support added to the compressed layers of fiberglass in certain structural areas in the way of steel angle iron. The toughening-up process isn’t over yet though as up to a dozen more layers of Owens Corning® fiberglass are added and once again compresses by hand to provide the acrylic hot tub shell with all the reinforcement it needs to stand up to the wildest Canadian winter imaginable.

Since a hot tub shell is basically irreplaceable it means it has to be built right in the first place and needs to be as strong as possible. If the shell cracks there’s no way to fix it so you need the peace of mind of knowing you’re getting a winter-tested tub when laying your money out. The tub’s shell needs to be able to handle all types of environmental fluctuations when it comes to humidity and temperature. No matter which type and model of Coast spa you’re interested in, you can rest assured that all of its components have been manufactured and thoroughly tested with the all-to-long Canadian winter in mind.

Hot Tubs Ontario, a division of International Pool & Spa Centers, carries the full line of Coast Spas.  We have locations across Ontario so stop by and speak to one of our hot tub experts today.

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