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What Is a Swimming Pool Hot Tub?

A swimming pool hot tub is basically another name given to a swim spa. These are more or less hot tubs which also come with an exercise area built into them. This enables users to utilize the device as a traditional hot tub as well as an exercise or swimming area.

While one person is relaxing in the tub area another could be working on their swimming stroke and burning off calories and each area has its own temperature control. However, some spas are built with just one area with the water being the same temperature. The main attraction of a swimming pool hot tub is the relatively small size of it compared to a traditional pool.

A swim spa can be installed in a smaller location both indoors and outdoors, is less expensive, and can be used for different functions all year long. The spa allows you to swim endlessly in place in a small area since you’re swimming against a current which is produced by the unit’s jets. You never reach the end wall or run out of room and there’s no need to turn around while swimming. The user can set the specific intensity and speed of the current they’d like to swim against. There are several types of swim spas on the market these days and they also vary in price and size etc. These are some of the most popular types of swim spas at the moment.

The most common systems are jet-propulsion based and are often referred to as pressure-driven models. They’re usually powered with a four-horsepower motor and come with one or more jets with current speeds which can be adjusted up to eight miles-per-hour. Many models also allow you to adjust the direction of the current.


Paddlewheel Systems
Some swim spas come with a paddlewheel system which controls the current speed by a rotating paddle wheel which is located at one end of the spa. The wheel is designed to create a smooth current which moves in a layered flow right across the tub. The flow of the current can go down as far as two feet and the water circulates itself back to the spa’s paddlewheel.


Propeller-Powered Spas
A propeller-powered system has an adjustable-speed smooth current much like a paddlewheel unit. However, the width of the current is narrower than a jet system. A propeller is installed at the front of tub and it spa pushes the water through a grate in the tub’s wall. The current then travels to a grate in the rear wall of the unit.


Tether Systems
The tether system is relatively new as it allows the user to attaches a tether band to themselves. They can then swim against their own resistance. A tether system may appear to be rather simple, but it provides many benefits, is inexpensive and is quite effective. This system is generally used in existing inground and aboveground swimming pools and they don’t use any mechanical components.


Swim spas offer all of the benefits of a hot tub and pool combined in one unit. There are self-contained, have portability and you can also purchase a Swim Spa shell and install it into your deck.  Most swim spas are made of acrylic or fiberglass resin and are between 12 and 24 feet in length and can be as deep as six feet. They’re built to handle the harshest elements since they’re also coated with a special gel. They can be installed below ground, above ground or partially inground. Most models can be ordered as complete, portable prebuilt units or in sections which can then be assembled.

At Hot Tubs Ontario our customers will be able to find Wellness Health and Swim Spas which are manufactured by Coast Spas. These tubs are designed to offer all of the benefits possible through hot water, swimming, and hydro massage therapy all in one unit. And they are made right here in Canada, built for our tough winters.

Many of the spas are outfitted with three strong and independently-powered River Jets with a four-horsepower jet pump. Row bars, exercise bands and a swim tether are included along with optional equipment for some models. For more information on our Wellness line of swim spas, contact us to speak to one of our swim spa specialists.

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