Coast Swim Spa Review

Review of Coast Swim Spas

Swim spas are growing in popularity as more and more people are wanting to take advantage of a multi-purpose spa with the convenience of being located at their very own home. Here in Ontario, swim spas are one of the fastest growing categories of hot tubs being purchased by homeowners.

Swim spas, also knows as wellness spas,  can be used for exercise, entertaining, and relaxation. Swim spas, while taking up much less room than a traditional pool, use powerful jets to create a current that allows users to essentially swim in place. Homeowners can get the full health benefits of swimming without needing to constantly turn to head the other direction. Some swim spas include lounging areas that allow you to have a pool and hot tub in one.


Coast Spa Quality

Coast Spas line of Wellness Swim Spas has risen to the top of the competition for both their superior quality and additional features that homeowners are able to choose from. The company has set themselves apart with their innovations and multiple patents to continue improving the quality of swim spas that they are able to offer to their customers. They are a pioneer in the industry and constantly on the cutting edge of swim spa technology.  They are also made right here in Canada!

Take a look at what makes Coast Swim Spas a great addition to your home.


  • Ability to Choose Your Design – Coast Swim Spas allows you to design your own spa. They have multiple options in their Wellness line to let you select what you really want out of a swim spa. Their basic swim spa is a simple full size swim spa. They also have options that include loungers in with your swim area or options that include a lounging/hot tub area next to your swim area.


  • Coast Swim Spas also offers the option of the world’s only swim spa with an infinity edge. This gives you the luxury of swimming in one place, taking up less space, all while eliminating the feeling of confinement that can come when swimming in a traditional swim spa. Homeowners can take advantage of their beautiful views while swimming or relaxing in their spa.


  • Superior jet options – Coast Swim Spas come with powerful River Jets that are able to challenge even the strongest of swimmers. You have the ability to change the angle of the jets to create different currents to swim against. They also offer an additional option of Levitator Jets. These jets help to recreate the natural buoyancy that you experience when swimming in open water. This element of open water swimming is typically lost with traditional swim spas.


  • Best Filter Options Available – Coast Swim Spas include the largest filter that is available for spas today. Their Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System is commercial grade and provides pressurized filtration. It also has the added benefit of removing the filter from the bathing area of the spa, which helps to eliminate dirty water from recycling through your spa. Coast Swim Spas pair the filter with an oversized skimmer to keep your swim spa water clean.


  • Coast swim spas also include a programmable pump that uses a low voltage to help reduce your energy bill.


  • Additional Options – From lighting to music and exercise, Coast Swim Spas offers you the options to make your swim spa everything you want it to be. While all of the swim spas come equipped with the ability to attach a swim tether, there is additional equipment that you are able to use. The actual swim tether, row bars and exercise bands come with all of the options of swim spas.


You can add in all of the bells and whistles that you are looking for. You can choose from salt water generators, lighting packages, air toggle controls and a stereo to customize your swim spa to your personal preference.

Coast Swim Spas really allow you to customize your swim spa to what you are looking for. They meet the basic needs of providing a swim area as well as a spa area and include the right equipment to keep your water clean. They go above and beyond to offer you great customization options for lighting, music, appeal and exercise to help you take full advantage of your swim spa for every situation. Coast Swim Spas innovation and technology keep them above the competition and providing what homeowners everywhere are searching for.

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