Increase Your Workout Effectiveness by Introducing Pool Games in Your Swim Spa

Swim spas are a great way to improve your fitness. A swim spa is like a water treadmill (on the surface of the water using current though, not the ground or bottom of your pool) for your pool or hot tub. You can swim indefinitely in one direction against the current for hours, without the need to turn around or to move around in an Olympic size swimming pool.

Exercise is very important and something that most of us don’t get enough of. After all, it drives us and sculpts our bodies, allowing us to live much longer, healthier, and productive lives. Anything can be an exercise if you are willing enough, even lounging in your spa.

Not every spa experience needs to be you front-crawling against a never-ending current for hours on end. While this is an effective workout, it is possible to turn up the workout effectiveness by introducing pool games into your workout. Not every workout has to be simply front crawling, doggy-paddling, in your tub.

Here are four games that we recommend you try in your pool or swim spa. Each of them provides extensive cardiovascular benefits, among other things.

Water Polo

Playing water polo in a spa is simple. You do not even need a water polo ball. Here is how it is done.

Against a light current that will not push you back, but will provide enough resistance that you can feel, practice jumping and spiking an imaginary ball. That’s it!

You will develop your core, your legs, and your arms, as well as training your stamina and cardio.


Yes, you can walk on water or, more precisely, through the water. Walking through a light current will provide enough resistance for you to maximize any walking workout that you currently have. You can increase the intensity of this workout by increasing the strength of the current.

This is a great workout for someone who wants to strengthen their legs and core. Water sports tend to wear less on the body than land-based sports, so this could be a great workout for rehabilitating nagging body injuries as well.

Treading Water

You will need to set a light current for this workout, as you want resistance, but do not want to swim against the current. Doing so would disrupt the purpose of this workout.

Treading water is something that we do in the pool, or in a natural body of water. However, you can also tread water in a swim spa.

If you do not know how to tread water, it is easy. Make circular motions outward with your arms like a helicopter, while performing a cycling motion with your legs, and try to keep your chest at the level of the water. YouTube has countless tutorials if you prefer video learning.

This is a full body workout that will leave you tired, no doubt. Good luck.


Swimming is, of course, the natural workout that comes to mind when using a tub or spa. However, doing the same workout, day in and day out, can feel a little lacking. This is why we recommend any of the other workouts listed above.

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The best workout is a subjective one. It will depend on your goals, your interests, even your fatigue levels! Remember that you can always switch up how you use your spa to exercise. You can always do a different workout, whether it is water polo or walking against the current, the next day. Above all, just have fun. With a spa, you can.

The next time you enter your spa, try out these four different workouts. Choose your favorite one, and start building the life and body you have always wanted!

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  • Swimming is a low impact form of exercise that is great for individuals with sore joints.
  • Looking to get back into shape? Try treading water. It’s easy to pick up even if your stamina is low.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative. There are many workouts you can try from the comfort of your pool.