Hot Tub Equipment Essentials: What You Need to Maintain a Quality Hot Tub

What feels better than a nice, refreshing swim outside? A nice soak in hot water immediately after! Family members young and old can appreciate the gift of a hot tub.

Maybe it’s about time you treated yourself to the relaxing benefits of a hot tub in your home. Perhaps your family enjoys swimming enough to justify picking up one from Hot Tubs Ontario this summer. Or you just want to spice up some extravagant backyard parties. Either way, a hot tub is the way to go.

One major facet of swim spa ownership is choosing the right hot tub equipment for the maintenance job. Sure, you can contact a service provider to do occasional fix-ups, but the required routine cleaning and checkups are best done immediately with the right tools. Here’s a breakdown of the hot tub equipment we recommend owners keep on hand.

Spa Filter Cartridges

Much like your swimming pool, a swim spa or hot tub runs water through a filtration system to remove contaminants and keep the water clean. Sure, it might not keep out body oils and subtle bacteria, but filtration is still a necessity, so keep some extra replacement filters on hand in your hot tub equipment stock.

You can also clean your current filters using a filter cleaner chemical which clears out dirt more so than water.

A funny but effective life hack is to add tennis balls to clean out soap particles and oils from the hot tub. When used alongside cleaning chemicals and filters, they can help maintain a healthy hot tub.

White Vinegar

Vinegar is a universal cleaning solution, and hot tub equipment is no exception. Scrub out the shell and jets weekly with a sponge and a white vinegar solution.

In addition, every month or before a major event, drain the water for replacement and thorough cleaning.

pH Influencers

Hot tub equipment and swimming pool maintenance tools likely intersect. Take pH regulation for example. Some of the same tools you use for swimming pools also apply to your hot tub.

·         pH increase/decrease chemicals

·         Pool shocks

·         pH testing strips

·         Chlorine/bromine/other sanitizers

Keep your eyes peeled for hot tub-specific variants of the products mentioned above.

Spa Cover Maintenance

To prevent mold and mildew growth (alongside the terrible scents of a dirty fabric), use a specialized cover cleaner. It can be found for cheap on Amazon.

Full Line Flush

Every year or so, remember to flush out your pipelines and drains using a special line flush solution. This process clears hard-to-reach bacteria from your hot tub system. Around this time, consider a professional checkup as well.

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·         Hot tub equipment is a necessity for hot tub ownership, especially when it comes to cleaning and ensuring a long-lasting hot spa.

·         Some of the items you’ll need include pH balancers, filter cartridges, chemical cleaners, vinegar, flush cleaners, and spa cover washers.

·         Get in touch with us at Hot Tubs Ontario and make your next hot tub purchasing process easy and efficient.