How To Prepare Your Hot Tub For The Fall

Many Canadians prefer to swim in the summer and use their hot tubs more often during the cooler months of the year. This means the fall is usually the ideal time to prepare your tub for its busy season. A well-maintained hot tub can last as long as 30 years or more, therefore it’s well worth your while to take care of it. Hopefully, this fall and winter will be as mild as last year for an extended hot tub season.  Below are some helpful tips when preparing your hot tub for the fall.


Drain and refill the tub

The water in a hot tub should be changed every few months to keep it clean and healthy, but before draining and refilling the tub it’s a good idea to flush its plumbing system. This will help eliminate any type of dirt or scale build up in the unit’s pipes. If the pipes become slightly clogged it could affect the proper balance of the water. Once you’ve done that you should turn the heater off as well as the power to the tub at the disconnect box or breaker panel. When the power’s off you can drain the tub as normal. Before refilling it, it’s recommended that you clean the shell with a non-foaming cleaner. This will help remove any contaminants in the tub. If you’re filling the spa with hard water or well water you can use a pre-filter on the hose to help reduce small particles and excess minerals.


Clean and replace the filter cartridge

When you drain and refill the tub you should also clean the filters to help cut down on cloudiness and keep the water as clean as possible. Cleaning the filter will also help extend its lifespan and it should be replaced approximately every six months. A worn-out, clogged or dirty filter can also damage the spa’s pump and should be cleaned on a monthly basis with a non-foaming cleaner.


Clean the cover

The fall is also a perfect time to clean the hot tub cover. This can be done by hosing down the vinyl to loosen any dirt and then cleaning it with a gentle oil-free and non-abrasive cleaner with a sponge or soft rag. Once the cover has dried you can apply and oil-free and alcohol protectant. The cover should also be inspected for holes or tears. If you find any they should be repaired to keep the cover from getting waterlogged.


Hot tub blanket

It shouldn’t cost more to operate the hot tub during the cold months if you use an insulating spa blanket. These items can help cut down evaporation from heat loss by about 90 per cent as they add an additional insulating layer. The blanket simply sits on the water and helps protect the cover and reduces evaporation at the same time.


Cabinet care

Hot tub owners often forget to take care of the cabinet and it’s recommended to keep it looking as attractive as possible by cleaning it every few months. Wood cabinets can be treated with linseed oil. If your wood cabinet is more or less past the point of refinishing, it can still be preserved by painting it. When it comes to composite hot tub cabinet, they can basically be cleaned and protected the same way as the hot tub cover. This is a non-abrasive cleaner and then with an oil-free protectant.


Have questions about prepping your hot tub for winter or are considering trading in your old hot tub for a new one?  The fall and winter is the perfect time to make the switch.  Contact Hot Tubs Ontario today and learn more about our made in Canada line of hot tubs as well as the best hot tub trade in program in Ontario.

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