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3 Simple Swim Spa Parts That You Can Easily Maintain On Your Own

A swim spa can be a great source of relaxation, a place to exercise, or the perfect location to exercise. Whatever you use your spa for, it’s important to remember that a swim spa is not just one big machine that always works. There are swim spa parts that you need to make sure are maintained and working properly to get the most out of your hot tub experience.

Like almost everything else swim spa parts must be periodically checked to make sure they are in proper working condition. Ensuring this can save you the trouble of needing to replace the whole unit and a whole lot of money. Not to mention, ignoring maintenance could result in unwanted effects that could hamper the experience and in the worst case, be harmful to you.

Hot Tubs Ontario encourages you to make sure you are in the know about the equipment that makes up your swim spa. We also want you to know how to maintain them yourself. And when more advanced repairs are needed, we are here to provide installation, repairs, and maintenance for your swim spa parts.

1. Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges are a very important part that makes sure there isn’t any dirt or large objects in your swim spa. Water must pass through cartridges, which also makes sure that the water is running smoothly during use.

Thankfully they are easy to maintain yourself. Soak your filter every week or so in a chemical cleaner and then wash it off with water from your garden hose. After letting it dry, simply reinstall it.

You can’t always repeat this process, so it’s still a good idea to keep a few cartridges in place because over time they will degrade in quality and become less effective at filtering out dirt and other particles.

2. Skimmer Basket

A skimmer basket is like the filter, but this one catches much larger objects such as rocks, leaves, grass or even toys and other plastic items. They are important to clean and can get clogged up very fast depending on the area you live, so don’t forget to check it frequently.

When cleaning swims spa parts, it’s important to remember to always do so after draining the spa and turning it off to avoid injury. When cleaning the skimmer basket, never put your hand inside. It’s best to use a vacuum or a net to avoid potential injuries. Your swim spa parts provider is always available to perform the cleaning if you don’t want to do it yourself because cleaning out the skimmer basket can be a messy job.

3. Water Purification

The water purification system is another part that you can maintain on your own. Even if you filter out big objects and small things like dirt and grass, there are still bacteria and other microscopic organisms in the pool that need to be eliminated through chemical treatment.

The water purification chemicals are usually chlorine and bromine. These chemicals kill bacteria and prevent algae growth. Typically, they come in pod shapes that can be thrown in and need to be replaced every week or so. And remember to follow the specific instructions for different chemicals.

Once again, your swim spa parts provider is ready to handle the chemical replacement process if you are afraid to do it yourself.

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        It’s very easy to maintain your water filter cartridge, skimmer basket, and water purification system. They can all be done yourself and are important to maintaining a quality swim spa.

        As a bonus tip, we remind you to make sure the level of acidity in your water is not at dangerous levels which can be done by using a pH meter. Make sure the pH level is around 7.2

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