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What is a Swim Spa and What are the Benefits?

Within the last several years swim spas have been gaining momentum and growing in popularity in the pool and spa industry. Have you heard of them before but are wondering what a swim spa is exactly? Let us fill you in on not just what a swim spa is, but the benefits of it as well.


What is a swim spa?

To put it simply, swim spas combine the benefits of a swimming pool and a hot tub into one. They are smaller than a traditional swimming pool but still allow you the ability to swim continuously by using powerful jets to create a current for you to swim against. This means you can swim while staying in one place, and gain all of the benefits of a full sized swimming pool without ever reaching the end of the pool and having to turn around.

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What are the benefits of a swim spa?

Do you wish you had daily access to a swimming pool and hot tub, but lack the room in your home or yard to make it happen? A swim spa is the solution you are searching for and it comes with many other great benefits:


  • Easy Maintenance – Due to the smaller size of a swim spa they are much easier to maintain than a full size pool and require less chemicals to maintain.


  • Easy installation – Whether you are interested in putting your swim spa in the ground or keeping it above ground the installation is easier than a regular pool. A swim spa is like a fiberglass swimming pool which means it is much easier than having an in-ground pool put in or assembling an above ground pool.


  • Great for exercise – Swim spas are a fantastic option to keep you healthy. Exercising in the buoyancy of warm water is a great option for those that have problems with their joints, such as arthritis sufferers. Hot Tubs Ontario sells swim spas made by Wellness Spas that include the option to use extra attachments to help you get in a full workout from the comfort of your swim spa.


  • Other health benefits – the use of swim spas help to increase your body’s circulation and can also assist in lowering blood pressure.


  • Loosen those tight muscles – the warm water of a swim spa help to ease those sore muscles. Whether you are an athlete recovering from a game or you just want to ease the tension in your shoulders after a long day of work, soaking in your swim spa will bring great relief.


  • Reduce stress – the combination of the warm water and massage of the jets help homeowners to ease stress which can lead to better mental health.


  • Sleep better – studies have shown that people suffering from sleep issues benefit from time spent in warm water prior to hitting the sack.


  • Choose the style that fits your life – Swim spas come in many varieties, you can choose one that includes a swim area and seating all together, choose between how many seats you want included and if you want them upright or lounging, or you can choose a swim spa with no seating that has an attached spa to relax in.


  • Swim spas are portable – Whether you want to move your swim spa across the yard or across the country they are portable and relatively easy to move. You even have the option of moving your swim spa inside during the cold Canadian winters, an option that isn’t possible with a full-size pool.


  • Customization – You have the ability to take full advantage of modern technology with the options offered in swim spas by Wellness Spas. Not only do you have plenty of options to customize the look of your swim spa, but you can also take advantage of the extras that are offered like touch screen controls, LED lighting, and sound systems.


Swim spas allow you the benefits of a long swim, full workout, or just relaxing with friends and family, all in a compact product that is easy to fit into your yard or home. As you can see swim spas are not only fun, but great for your health. Contact Hot Tubs Ontario today for all of your swim spa needs.

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