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The Many Benefits of Owning a Swim Spa

Swim spas are one of the fastest category of hot tubs due to their size, versatility and health benefits. These creative devices combine all of the comforts of a hot tub along with an exercise area for swimming. Users can sit, relax and wind down after a long day and enjoy the pulsating hot-water jets and/or lose a few extra calories by working out in the swimming section.

There are numerous benefits of a swim spa and these are some of the most popular.

  1. A swim spa takes up a lot less room than a traditional swimming pool/hot tub combination. It also costs a fraction of the price and can be quickly and easily installed. You may not have the room for a pool in the backyard, but most homeowners will be able to fit a swim spa.
  2. Even though it’s smaller, a swim spa can still offer the benefits of a pool as it’s large enough to fit several people at a time. This allows for fun family and friend interaction and since the water is shallower it makes it a safer option for children.
  3. Installing an inground swim spa is relatively easy, especially when compared to a swimming pool. There’s no need to dig as deep in the yard since the fibreglass or acrylic spas come with a compact design and aren’t as deep. In addition, above-ground swim spas are also popular and can be installed even easier. This means you can also take a portable above-ground model with you if you decide to move to a new home. If you’re thinking of buying a new spa when moving, your current model will add value to the home you’re planning to sell.
  4. A swim spa gives users the opportunity to exercise at home without having to install a pool or travel to the nearest one in town. You can easily swim laps or a specific period of time all year round without the need for turning. You can adjust the current and speed of the water via the spa’s jets to make the resistance as easy or difficult as you choose. You can also enjoy other types of water exercises if you shut the jets off.
  5. Since the swim spa is more compact it results in less maintenance than a traditional pool. The spa uses fewer chemicals and this saves money in the short and long run. In addition, there’s less chance for algae buildup since the spas are typically constructed of smooth acrylic materials or fibreglass. The spa is covered when not in use to keep the water warm and from evaporating. The cover also keeps out dirt and debris.
  6. Users can enjoy the convenience of a swim spa since it gives them a place to relax and ease their aches and pains after working out. Tense muscles will benefit from the warm, massaging water that provides hydrotherapy and you can work out and relax in the same spa. The spas enable users to sit and relax at the same time somebody else is exercising in the swimming area.
  7. Not all swim spas have to be installed outdoors. If you have enough room inside your home you have the option of an indoor spa. An indoor spa will allow you to use it 365 days of the year no matter what the outside weather is.
  8. Everybody needs to exercise and a convenient swim spa will actually encourage you to work out. The device is also an excellent way for people to learn how to swim and build up their strength and endurance.

A swim spa can be used for numerous things such as hydrotherapy, relaxation, fun and games and exercise. However, it’s always recommended that you test one out before purchasing it to make sure that it suits your needs.

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