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Everything You Need To Know About Plug and Play Spas

Play and plug spas are growing in popularity, as they work with your standard 110v plugs. This detracts from many installation barriers, including cost and inconvenience of installation. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of owning a plug and play spa.

Pros of Owning a Plug and Play Spa

There are many benefits to owning a plug and play spa, which is in large part the cause of their soaring popularity.

  1. Lower Starting Costs: Since plug and play spas offer a smaller 1 pump unit, you will avoid the high costs. In fact, plug and play spas are on the lower end of the cost/unit spectrum.
  2. No Need To Hire an Electrician: Rather than paying an electrician to installing a 220v 50amp outlet, you can simply utilize your standard 110v outlet. If your home does not have a 200 amp service, which is true for the vast majority of older homes, it will require the installation of a completely new electrical service. In fact, some homes may not even be able to handle this type of installation. Plug and play spas come equipped with a 3 pronged plug-in, suited for a 110v outlet.
  3. No Home Modifications Required: This falls in line with the previous point. However, if you’re renting or on a military base, you will not need to make any modifications to your home or yard. Simply plug your plug and play spa in, and enjoy!
  4. No Need To Dig Up Your Yard: Avoid digging up your yard with a plug and play spa. Firstly, you will not have to worry about the aesthetics of your yard. Secondly, you will save on digging both a hole for your spa, as well as the 220v cable.
  5. It’s Portable: Thanks to the fact that plug and play spas are not hard wired, you can take your spa with you to your next house. That’s right, even if you’re renting, you can take it with you! Plus, they’re lighter than standard spas, allowing transport them easier.
  6. Still Enjoy The Same Health Benefits: For many, the purchase of a spa is for the health benefits. While the plug and play is equipped with a little less power, due to utilizing the 110v outlet, the jets can still provide the comforts of hydrotherapy.
  7. Fits Great: Since the plug and play spa is smaller in size, it does not require the space of permanent installations. This means it can go almost anywhere!
  8. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning your spa has never been as easy as it is with a plug and play spa. Simply drain it and wipe it down, then refill.

Plug and Play Hot Tubs Ontario

Cons of Owning a Plug and Play Spa

While there are many benefits to owning a plug and play, there are some factors that consumers should be aware of prior to purchasing.

  1. Less Power, Longer Heating Time: Since plug and play models run on 110v, heating time is considerably longer. In fact, your standard 220v spa could reach optimal heat in less than 12 hours, a plug and play spa running on a 110v outlet can take more than twice as long to heat.
  2. Limited Pump Power: It is important to take in the fact that the plug and play spa is getting its power from a 110v outlet. This means that pump power is also affected, and will not be as strong as a spa running on 220v. In order to manage the fact it’s using a 110v outlet, the pump is smaller and therefore there are fewer jets.
  3. Smaller Size: Since the plug and play spa offers a lesser power supply, smaller heater and fewer jets, the spa cannot be too large. Therefore, they are usually no larger than 6.5 ft square and top out at a capacity of 4 people.

With a variety of options and sizes, Hot Tubs Ontario offer a wide selection of plug and play spas, in various shapes and sizes. Speak to our team of experts and find the spa that’s right for you when you visit one of our retail locations in Ontario.