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Welcome To Our Oakville Location

International Pool & Spas in Oakville is proud to offer you a premium line of hot tubs and swim spas that will turn your backyard into an oasis for your family.  We are proud to carry Coast Spa hot tubs, swim spas and a variety of plug and play hot tub options.  Come visit our Oakville location and we can help you find the hot tub that’s right for you.

Hot Tubs Ontario

Hot Tubs

We carry a full line of Coast Spas, which are made right here in Canada and designed specifically for tough Canadian winters.  We have makes and models for every budget and lifestyle.  We have dozens of hot tub make and models on display in our hot tub showroom.

Visit our store to see our line of hot tubs, swim spas and plug and play hot tubs.

Swim Spas

Keep fit and stay healthy with a luxurious swim spa that will let you enjoy a morning swim and while also enjoying all the benefits of a traditional hot tub.  Swim Spas are versatile and is the perfect combination of fitness and leisure, all in a compact unit that does not take up a lot fo backyard space.

Let one of our swim spa experts help you find the swim spa that’s right for you.

Hot Tubs Ontario Swim Spas

Financing & Trade-Ins

We offer on the spot financing as well as a generous trade-in program for your old hot tub.  When you buy a hot tub from us, we include dozens of free extras that our competitors charge extra for.

Contact us today or stop by our location to learn more.

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Choosing The Right Hot Tub

Welcome To Our Oakville Location

Hot tub enthusiasts in the Oakville area are invited to visit our International Pool & Spas showroom to check out our top-of-the-line collection of tubs and swim spas. We offer local families numerous models including  Cast Spa hot tubs and swim spas as well as a wide range of plug and play hot tubs. Feel free to visit us at Hot Tubs Ontario at your convenience to find the model that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Hot Tubs
Our Canadian-made selection of Coast Spas are specifically designed to meet the elements of Canadian winters head on. These strong, durable hot tubs are available in several sizes and styles and are made to suit all lifestyles and budgets. Feel free to come on in and take a test soak in one today.

Swim Spas
Our popular line of swim spas is ideal for those who are interested in staying fit and healthy as well as relaxing in a traditional, luxurious hot tub setting. A Swim Spa offers an excellent combination of health and relaxation and most compact models easily fit into a residential backyard. If you’re interested in learning more about our swim spa options just drop by and visit one of our in-store experts for more information.

Financing & Trade-Ins
If you already own a hot tub and would like to upgrade it or simply try out something new you’ll be glad to hear we provide a trade-in program for used hot tubs. We also provide our customers with on the spot financing options to help ease the payments. In addition, we are more than happy to provide numerous hot tub extras for free when purchasing a model from Hot Tubs Ontario.

Please feel free to pay us a visit at our Oakville showroom or contact us at your convenience for additional information.

Our experienced Oakville sales staff looks forward to helping our customers find the right type of hot tub or swim spa and accessories for them. Our team’s goal is to look after all of your needs and help find the ideal tub or swim spa for your unique lifestyle and budget. Hot Tubs Ontario is an important member of the International Pool & Spa Centers family and customers can be assured of quality service and products at all our locations.

There are plenty of popular swim spa, hot tub, and plug and play brands to choose from including Northwind and Coast Spas. All models are Canadian made and designed for our specific climate and we’re not shy when it comes to offering free accessories. Oakville residents continually show faith in our knowledgeable hot tub/spa experience and have come to rely on us when it comes to excellent sales, service, assistance, and prices.

All Hot Tubs Ontario products are backed with some of the industry’s most comprehensive warranties. Our selection of hot tubs and spas feature splendid Canadian craftsmanship and are built to last. If you’re having a tough time deciding on which specific tub or spa is right for your family’s lifestyle and budget our friendly team will offer invaluable assistance and professional guidance. If you’re still not sure, then why not try one of the units out for yourself and take a test soak in a few different models to compare them side by side.

Our line of hot tubs and swim spas are suitable for outdoor and indoor installation since they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. They’re easy to install and we are always here to help you out with home service assistance if needed. Swim spas are now becoming quite popular due to the hydrotherapy and exercise benefits they offer as well as their options for entertaining friends and family. Of course, you can also just sit back and relax after a long day to help soothe and easy your tense muscles. Our modern, technologically-advanced hot tubs come with powerful hydrotherapy jets to take away the tension in your body and mind.

For those Oakville-area residents who are on the creative or artistic side you’re welcome to custom design your hot tub or spa by including any of the popular optional accessories that are offered. And once you’re happy with your own design or have found an existing model that fulfils your needs you can depend on us to show you how to take care of the hot tub or spa after it’s been installed. We’ll explain how each model works and let you know how the water-purifying agents and chemicals affect the water and unit.

People have been easing their tension and soothing their aching muscles and joints in hot tubs for many years now. Hot tubs and spas provide numerous physical and psychological benefits to users as they refresh the body and mind together. They’re also excellent for entertaining guests at social gatherings. To try one out for yourself, just pay us a visit and let our customer-service team answer any questions you may have.

In addition, you can also do all of your hot tub-related shopping online in one convenient location if you like by visiting our website. We’re also proud to offer all of our customers with ongoing support  and assistance once your hot rub or swim spa has been installed.