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The World's Only Vanishing Edge Swim Spa is Now Available

Swim Resistant Jets

Each River Jet is brightly lit providing a directional beacon to swim towards

Levitator Jets

Buoyancy-simulating Jets are angled upwards to replicate the natural buoyancy of swimming in open water

Swim Spa Models

Offers a great way to swim, jog, walk and exercise without the large foot print of a big pool. Coast Swim Spas are built to the highest quality standards
Top View Image of a 1300 Bench Swim Spa in Toronto Ontario

1300 Bench

Top View Image of a 1300 Lounge Swim Spa in Oshawa Ontario

1300 Lounge

Top View Image of a 1400 VE Swim Spa in Barrie Ontario

1400 VE

Top View Image of a 1700 VE Swim Spa in Mississauga Ontario

1700 VE

Top View Image of a 2100 VE Swim Spa in Thorn Hill Ontario

2100 VE